Days of Neamţ Fortress

 “Days of Neamţ Fortress” Festival is a much beloved event gathering thousands of people in Tîrgu Neamţ. Every year, the festival impresses its attendants through originality, authentic Romanian traditions and especially through recreating the medieval atmosphere that takes the visitors back in time, in ages of great historical significance. The event includes an extremely diverse program: from medieval music performances, combat demonstrations by large groups of reenactors, parades with princesses and knights dressed in antique clothes and dancing in medieval music accords, to folk art exhibitions, a popular culinary festival – “The Enchanted Pot” and various folk music and dances.

The evenings end with an impressive camp fire, departing from which the participants go to their houses holding lit torches in their hands.

The Festival takes place every year in Târgu Neamţ, in Neamţ County, between late June and early July. We are heartily awaiting for you to join us!