Mountain villages, wonderful landscapes: Bârnadu – Trei Fântâni – Izvorul Alb

Bârnadu village is situated in a very beautiful area in Neamţ county. The village is placed at the foothill of Ciurgău Mountain, on the ridge between the basins of Şugău and Bardosul rivers, consisting of scattered households, with large courtyards and narrow lanes. Bârnadu is situated just above the high and steep Bicaz Gorges, making a picturesque destination of it, an oasis of peace and beauty, where landscapes of Șugău Gorges, Criminiș Peak and Hășmașu Mare Peak are available to the viewers. The most frequented way of access to the village is the forest road that departs from Bicaz Gorges and climbs up to the top of the mountain, ending in the glade where the houses are located. The tourists who venture through these places not only enjoy the sceneries of breathtaking beauty, but also have the opportunity to discover warm, honest and hardworking individuals, truly brave mountain people.

Trei Fântâni Village (Village of the Three Fountains), located at the foothill of Hăşmaş Mountain at an altitude of about 900 meters, is considered one of the most attractive and charming villages in Romania. The village belongs to the Commune of Dămuc and the name “Three Fountains” is taken after the three springs in the area. The villagers’ houses are built according to the traditional mountain architecture. Located at the borderline between Neamţ and Harghita counties, Trei Fântâni Village hosts about 100 families, mostly Hungarians.

No matter what season you come here, the area which is located just between the mountains is really a spectacular one. The locals are welcoming and warm-hearted people, and the stories they tell to everyone who’s willing to listen lead the tourists into a different kind of wonderland. Here, one can finally escape from the pressure of daily existence, feel that different rhythm of life that can only be experienced in the countryside, and enjoy the really simple and healthy living. Villagers say that until 2000, not even electrical connections were brought into the picturesque village at the foot of the mountain.

Situated at approx. 20km from Bicaz Town, Izvorul Alb Village (Village of White Spring) is a real corner of heaven. The village extends on 15 km along the valley of White Spring river, which has its weelspring in a cliff of Ceahlău Massif. Here the tourists can admire the magnificence of the mountain landscapes from the shores of White Spring lake or even take rides on the lake with rented boats. The fact that people can enjoy mountain hiking and tracking, the fresh air (due to the fir and pine forests nearby) and the amazing views, as well as the appereance of vacation  houses right on the lake shore (in the Baicu area) make Izvorul Alb Village (Village of White Spring) an increasingly sought after destination of late years.