Ministry of National Defense through the Sanatorium for Balneo physiotherapy and Medical Recovery “Dr. Dimitrie Cantemir “, – Bălţăteşti, Neamţ County, which it manages, offers accommodation, meals, balneary treatment and recovery, as follows:

Accommodation – The resort has the following accommodation facilities:

– Category I (2 stars – 3 hotels, 3 stars – 1 hotel) – with ground floor and 3-4 floors, with an accommodation capacity of 450 seats per series.

The buildings fall into a classic architectural style (1970s – 1980s), with a volumetry and ambient space solutions within the limits of the current standards.

The buildings have central heating, plumbing systems installations for cold running water and domestic hot water, sewerage, telephone installations in each room and CATV;

Each room has 2 beds, a private bathroom, hot water, TV cable, radio, telephone and wireless.

Restaurant services – The food is provided in full-board regime for 336 persons in two dining rooms and a buffet bar with 120 seats; the menu is varied, it includes three meals daily and it has the value of food principles according to food standards; besides, diet menus for diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, stomach diseases, liver diseases and for gallbladder diseases are also  prepared.

Treatment – The sanatorium is a sanitary unit that provides balneo-physiotherapeutic and medical recovery medical services through pool- hydroquinotherapy, room kinetotherapy, Finnish sauna, electrotherapy and electromagnetic fields, laser therapy, acupuncture and electroacupuncture, aerosols and external balneal procedures (chlorosuccinic mineral water and waste sludge) for degenerative and inflammatory rheumatic diseases, gynecological, neurological, respiratory and neurosis diseases. Annually, the sanatorium provides medical recovery for over 5000 patients, out of which over 3000 patients are House of Health Insurance of Defense, Public Order, National Security and Judicial Authority (C.A.S.A.O.P.S.N.A.J)- health insured.


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