”Forty-feet high, set on a round foundation, cut to size, many travellers, like myself, upon their first journey, will take it from afar for a daring building that has been here for ages.  But when you look at its location in the flat area, 500 steps far for any height, with its cracks filled with yellowish moss by the elements, you find yourself speechless and small in front of the majestic giant; it seems that your eyes set on one of the rocks the titans dropped. Thirty feet from the ground, a protuberant edge of the rock makes something like a porch and above it rises the crest, slightly crooked and adorned with lime-tree shoots, which gave its name to the rock in order to forget another terrible name that the shepherds merely whisper and cross themselves as any good Christian would do.”  Alecu Russo

This tourist destination is part of the circuit: Târgu Neamţ – Pipirig – Poiana Largului 


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