During your trips over the hills and through the mountains in Neamţ County, described by Ion Creangă, Calistrat Hogaş and Mihail Sadoveanu in remarkable pages of literature, you can stop by and pay a visit to “Crucea arsă” agrotourism sheepfold in Farcaşa. Especially if you’ve never been to a sheepfold before, we suggest a trip alongside Bistriţa river valley to Farcaşa, in order to discover the magical world and way of living of simple people.

Situated in Popeşti Village, Farcaşa Commune, “Crucea arsă” agrotourism sheepfold makes a perfect choice for relaxation and culinary delight, in a beautiful area, with kind hearted people, where the tradition of shepherding and milk products is preserved todays as it were in the old times.

Here, life has a different pace, even a different meaning, and nature, people, and animals live together peacefully. All worries are scattered away in the fresh mountain air and one can enjoy daydreaming and meeting with the customs and traditions of days past. If you come by at the right time, you can see the shepherds milking the sheep, preparing different cheese dishes, or watch the playful lambs coming back from grazing, and other sheepfold activities. Undoubtedly, the traditional meals and strong fruit brandis will instantly quench your hunger, due to living and working in the clear mountain air, smelling of firs and of pines.

Farcaşa Village is situated 84 km from Piatra Neamţ, on DN15, 74 km from Vatra Dornei on DN17B, 70 km from Topliţa on DN15, and 65 km from Târgu Neamţ on DN15B.



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