Covering a surface of aprox. 1,73 acres of land, on the shores of Lake Izvorul Muntelui, Grădinile Romane Guesthouse provides a luxury experience for its guests, reminding of the  aesthetic style of the Roman Empire. The restaurant serves a wide variety of dishes containing exclusively natural ingredients from households and small farms nearby, carefully prepared, which gives them an extremely pleasant, authentic flavor and taste. The accommodation rooms stand as a proof of luxury, reflecting such a degree of comfort and indulgence that even a Caesar would love.

The 14 spacious rooms, with a high level of functionality and comfort, are designed to offer a fantastic sojourn. Arranged on 3 levels, with precious and refined interiors, luxurious finishes and five-star amenities, our rooms are designed to seduce you! They have an excellent view over the lake, comfortable king-size beds, bright and clean spaces, with individual bathrooms.

On the ground floor you can find the reception, the restaurant and the bar.

The guesthouse has a large, beautifully arranged garden, with access to the lake, offering plenty of outdoor space for practicing all kind of sports: boat rides, kayaking, fishing, swimming, archery, and so on. Or, you can simply enjoy relaxing in the garden, watching the night sky through telescope or sitting around a campfire, sharing stories with friends and dear ones. You are welcomed to visit us anytime!

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