Coming to Neamţ County from Gheorghieni, you’ll enjoy crossing the rocky kingdom of Bicaz Gorges, Romania’s most famous ones. Particularly picturesque and amazing due to the majestic scenery they offer, they are part of Bicaz Gorges – Hăşmaş National Park. You enter through the Rocky Gate, guarded by the Clearing’s Rock – the most impressive massif of the Gorges, then you go down gradually on the Small Serpentines – a short tunnel and then the Large Serpentines until you reach the site called the Hell’s Throat, where the Clearing’s Rock and the Bardos Mountain are only a few metres apart. At this point, you will set your eyes on the most impressive, almost apocalyptic view. Now you reach the Hell’s Throat, and after catching your breath for a while, you’ll see on the right side of the road, the confluence of Bicaz River with Bicăjel, a creek which has carved three smaller gorges of its own, with small but noisy waterfalls.

This tourist destination is part of the circuit: Cheile Bicazului – Bicaz – Durău 



    Balint Ciprian

    Cea mai frumoasa zona din tot județul in opinia mea.

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