None of the mountains in Romania has ever charmed the eyes or ignited the imagination of hikers as Ceahlău has… This majestic dome of the Eastern Carpathians and the entire Moldavian area, haloed by the ancestral geological turmoil which has majestically and proudly lifted it from the bottom of the seas, has been blessed throughout millennia with people’s hunting, sheepherding and praying in its clearings, caves and pastures. Ever since the beginning of time, from the surroundings or from the mountain peaks, the beholders’ eyes, caressed by the sun, sought to rejoice and find the ever vivid and overwhelming miracle of nature… When walking the paths of Ceahlău, you can enjoy the harmonious blend between the open skyline -at times reaching the seashore- and the magnificent, overwhelming lace of the corners, towers, shelves, and stone walls. Ceahlău is much like a huge and impressive open-air museum displaying exhibits unique in their diverse shapes, each having a legend of its own: Dochia, Panagia, Toaca, Dorobanţul, the Monks, the Rock in Tears, Butu’s Tower, the Shelves with lilies, Detunatele – and many, many others … they are truly impressive formations, exquisitely crafted by the elements, displayed boldly and generously as a sign of the force that one can still feel rising from the depths of the earth as well as descending from the sky, on crystal clear days…

This tourist destination is part of the circuit: Cheile Bicazului – Bicaz – Durău 



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