Is located on Tarcău Valley, about 43 km away from the town of Piatra-Neamţ, between Brateş and Ardeluţa localities. The church from the Tarcău monastery was built in 1833 by the hieromonk Avramie. From the architectural point of view, the church at Tarcău monastery is made of ash wood after a traditional triconc plan, of small size and no tower. Inside, we encounter an arcade of beams that separates the nave from narthex. The iconostasis of the church carved on lime-lined boards and icons date back to the period of foundation, more precisely since the beginning of the nineteenth century. It is well preserved and can be distinguished by the lines’ cursivity, chromatic precision and vivacity. Built from wooden beams, the bell tower has two levels and an onion like dome, which is less common in the churches in Moldavia. Tarcău Monastery Rank: “All Saints’ Day”


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