Hanu Ancuței (Ancuța’s Inn) is a renowned place where you find the authentic Moldavian cuisine and enjoy the best quality natural food, directly from local farms, with an incomparable taste.

Here is where the great writer and storyteller Mihail Sadoveanu liked to eat and because he was inspired by this charming place, he wrote the famous book “Hanu Ancuței” (Ancuța’s Inn) in which one can find out more about the traditions and customs of the area.

According to some of the documents, the Inn dates since the 18th Century, when it is said that it was opened for the vendors who were passing by towards Roman, Suceava or Iași. Back then, Ancuța’s Inn was situated on the outskirts of a village and then was moved on the estate of the Catargi boyars.

In 1819, governor Ștefan Catargiu, the owner of the Tupilați estate, receives the privilege to organize fairs and bazaars. Because the Inn was situated at an important commercial crossroads – Șiretului Road and the road that tied Piatra Neamț to Iași or Târgu Neamț through Tupilați – a new Inn was built that also served as a Post Office.

The image of the Inn, beautifully described by Mihail Sadoveanu, is still famous and it is considered a symbol for the entire location. Here, at the Inn, tourists find even nowadays the charm and traditions of the old days: ”You have to know that Ancuța’s Inn wasn’t just that, it was also a stronghold. It was surrounded by thick fences and locked gates as I had never seen anywhere else. Apart from shelter, the Inn was also a place of gathering. Inside you could shelter people, cattle and carts and thieves wouldn’t dare to come near it…The gates would stay wide open as if it was the Princely Court. During the autumn days you could to see through them the entire Valley of River Moldova, and also the mountains with the fir tree forests till Ceahlău and Halauca. The Sun set towards the other side of the land and all things slowly faded away in the darkness. Then the fire lit up the stone walls, the black holes of the doors and the bars on the windows. The fiddlers would stop singing and the fairytales began…” (Hanu Ancuței, Mihail Sadoveanu)

The Inn was famous in the whole country and also overseas:



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