Opened in 2015, the complex is a modern location for spending spare time in summer, equipped with three swimming pools: one for children, one for beginners and an olympic size (2000 sqm) pool, for advanced swimmers. The lido also features a volleyball court on sand, large areas with sun loungers and beach umbrellas, and various green spaces. Playgrounds for children, outdoor fitness equipment and sports areas, roller skating, skateboard and bicycle tracks, as well as fountains, promenade areas, commercial spaces, terraces, picnic areas, barbecues and gazebos are spread all over the complex. Recently, the area for large scale events (consisting of the stage, public space and projection booth) has been redesigned. Visitors can also enjoy pool parties, bubble baths, water fitness, as well as swimming, volleyball and tennis competitions for all ages.

Phones for gazebos rental: +;  +040.786.450.754

Open hours: 01 May – 30 September

Monday – Thursday: 9:00 – 21:00

Friday – Sunday: 9:00 – 22:00

Lido/Swimming pools access feee (includes access to sun loungers, umbrellas and locker room)

Monday – Thursday: – Adults – 12 lei

– Children and retirees – 6 lei

Friday – Sunday: – Adults – 20 lei

– Children and retirees– 10 lei

Please note: Children under 3 years and disabled people can enter the complex free of charge.

Program zonă picnic ( foișoare): 01 April – 31 October

Monday – Thursday: 9:00 – 21:00

Friday – Sunday: 9:00 – 23:00

Gazebo access fee:

– Gazebos for 6 – 8 persons: 30 lei/4 hours

– Gazebos for 12 – 14 persons: 45 lei/4 hours

Please note: After the main 4 hours of gazebo rental are up, the fees that apply are as follows:

– Gazebos for 6 – 8 persons: 8 lei/hour

– Gazebos for 12 – 14 persons: 12 lei/hour


Parking fee: 1 lei/hour


Opening Hours

09:00 21:00
09:00 21:00
09:00 21:00
09:00 21:00
09:00 23:00
09:00 23:00
09:00 23:00


    To many people inside, sometimes you can’t get seat and what I don’t like is the they don’t have lifeguard for the pool. the whole time I was there, I saw absolutely no lifeguard in the place set up for the lifeguard!

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    Stanciu dorel

    Serviciul lasă de dorit recepționeri nu răspund la telefon

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    cea mai proasta modalitate de a face rezervare..un nr de telefon la care nu raspunde nimeni…nici chiar cand suna…ca in rest da ocupat…Oare primarul stie cum se fac programarile…sau daca se fac…

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