A wonder of nature located in Șugău Gorges – Munticelu National Reserve, delights the eyes of hiking fans. An affluent of Bicaz River, Şugău is a mountain creek that has eroded, over time, the limestone rocks and formed some stunning gorges along 300 meters length. The landscape is breathtaking, and it is impossible not to be overwhelmed by the beauty of the place, by the waterfalls whirling the waters, the intricate caves that go under the ground, the giant rocks that in some cases seem to intertwine above the river, the roots of ancient fir trees hanging down. Climbing Munticelu-Criminiş Peak you catch sight of a unique show of shapes and colors: rocks, firs, meadows with fascinating flora. Important to mention is also the fact that the limestone formations in Şugău Gorges are unique in Europe. If we were to add that in this area you can admire some rare species of fauna, such as: the chamois, the lynx, the wild cat or the cave bats, which turn Șugău Gorges – Munticelu National Reserve into a tourist destination worthy of visiting.

This tourist destination is part of the circuit: Cheile Bicazului – Bicaz – Durău 



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