The area encompassing Bicaz Gorges and Lacu Roşu (Red Lake) is a key point of attraction for all the tourists who annually come across the road that sneaks through the giant mountains to admire the amazing beauties that nature and its element have shaped, over time. The road is full of serpentines and passes through the spectacular geomorphologic ensemble of Bicaz Gorges, located between Bicazul Ardelean Commune and Lacu Roşu (Red Lake), stretching over a distance of nearly 8 km.

There are so many things waiting to be discovered in Bicaz Gorges, wild and spectacular views hidden behind the rocky walls that seem to meet and form bridges across the sky. The valley is very narrow, alongside the waterfalls, isolated cliffs, caves and 200-300 m high stone giants rising on both sides of the road, giving birth to picturesque, legendary places that catch the eye and leave an unforgettable mark upon the soul.

With a little effort and strength of will, you can be a silent spectator over the wide panorama of Bicaz Gorges. On Suhardul Mic Peak there is a view point from where you can quietly admire the hidden beauties of Bicaz Gorges. From here you can notice how the road winds down through the huge mountain walls alongside Bicaz River and also the place where Bicăjel Gorges and the road of Surduc begin. At the same time, Bicăjel Valley reveals its splendors in front of your eyes, with its beautiful guest houses built in traditional style, made from wood or stone, Suhardul Mare Peak, Hăşmaşul Mare Peak, the fascinating mirror of water of  Lacu Roşu (Red Lake) with the sun rays dancing in the lake waves, but also the stone cliffs covered in legends from Ceahlău Massif.

The hiking trail towards Suhardul Mic Peak is marked with a blue triangle and is about 3 km long. The forest path is easily accessible, so that within an hour you can easily reach the plateau of Suhardul Mic (1344.5 m) and admire the beauty of Bicaz Gorges.


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