Ceahlău Mountain Festival

Ceahlău Mountain Festival takes place in August every year, in Durău Resort, Ceahlău Commune, in Neamţ County. Ceahlău Massif, widely known as the Holy Mountain of the Dacians, also called “Kogaion” or “Zamolxe’s Shrine”, is celebrated today by the inhabitants of the surrounding villages, by tourists and pilgrims as the Dacians once did: they all climb the top of the mountain, enjoy the sunrise, admire the The Shadow of the Pyramid and the Stairway to Heaven (the Sacred Way), the unique phenomena in the world that have been the origin of the celebration of Ceahlău Mountain for over five millennia, listen to the prayers of the monks from Durău monastery, and then come down, not to be caught by the twilight on the mountain, so that they stay healthy and wise all year round. At the foot of the massif, for decades, the authorities organize Ceahlău Mountain Festival, a 3-day celebration for locals and tourists.

The organizers provide the audience with a colorful, playful and merry event, including performances by famous Romanian musicians and bands, children’s shows, folk dances and delightful parades of popular costumes of musical ensembles from many parts of the world fireworks, folk crafts and folk art exhibitions, and many more. At the event, everybody is welcomed to spend 3 days of singing and good cheer in the company of the locals, in the fresh air at the foothill of the majestic Ceahlău Massif.