„The Dowry Chest” Festival of Folk art

”The Hope Chest ” Folk Art Festival is an annual event organized in the center of Piatra Neamţ which aims to preserve and promote the folk tradition becoming, over the years, an important landmark for the popular craftsmen, the invitation to participate in the festival representing a recognition of the value of their works.

The Hope Chest” Art Festival gathers at Piatra Neamţ more than 70 craftsmen from most of Romania’s ethnographic areas and from the Republic of Moldova. They come together to create an overview of traditional crafts: what has been preserved over time and what has been subjected to the influence of modern technologies. Among the objects that are exhibited, there are beautiful fabrics made in stands or embroidery frames, soft goods and traditional costumes, wooden objects engraved with old symbols, utilitarian or decorative ceramics, masks that remind us of the winter festivities, leather works and articles made from fur which are always present in the peasant’s clothing, glazed eggs, icons and naive painting, ornaments, braids, bone objects, glassware, musical instruments and toys, etc.

By annually organizing ”The Hope Chest” Folk Art Festival, both locals and tourists are provided with the perfect opportunity to remember, during the three days of the festival, the value of the simple things, and also the uniqueness of the national identity and thousands of popular creators, thanks to which we can speak today about authentic Romanian folk art.