“Petrodava” Dacic Festival

In the last weekend of May, visitors to Piatra Neamţ are invited to embark on a journey in the ancient world of Dacian-Roman numismatics at Officina monetaria workshop.

Petrodava Fortress is an exemplary achievement of the Dacian civilization and one of the oldest human settlements in Romania, dating back to the 2nd century BC.

The program of the festival includes demonstrations of Dacian-Roman Military Techniques, ancient dances, night parade with lit torches, gladiator battles, craft camps and workshops where participants can witness the whole process of coin making (replicas), exactly as it was unfolded two millennia ago.

The festival will be attended by a numerous public while the largest reenactors groups in Romania (with staffs of over 100 individuals) will participate in reenactments of historical events.