The great show is approaching!

“B-Zone Folk” Music Festival will soon begin in Neamț!

The 13th & 14th May 2023 will be days to remember: days full of emotion, in which the guitars will sound loudly at the foothill of Neamț Fortress. Well-known and much beloved artists of the genre, along with talented young artists will take the stage.

On Saturday, the performances will start at 4 P.M. On the stage, located in the main park of Târgu-Neamţ, a town full of culture and spirituality, will perform:  “Ariciorii” Children’s Music Group, Sînziana Ailenei and the “Magic Folk” Group, Paul Tihan, Andra Andriucă and Bogdan Onofrei, and also “SPAM” Band. The evening will be electrified by the songs of Gheorghe Gheorghiu and of Nicu Alifantis.

On Sunday, among the performers, we are pleased to mention: “Eu Cred” Cultural Association from Tașca, “Zori” Musical Group, represented by Daria Boghean and Teodora Beleaua, and Ana-Maria Filip.  The evening will end triumphantly, Andrei Păunescu and “Cenaclul Flacăra” will steal the show: Mircea Vintilă, Mircea Baniciu, Ducu Bertzi, Radu Gheorghe, Magda Puskas, Cristian Buică, Vanghele Gogu, Walter Ghicolescu, Cătălin Stepa and “Totuși” Band will make sure everyone in the public has an unforgettable evening!

All these artists so loved by the public will come to Târgu-Neamț and will sing together with folk genre enthusiasts: old songs that have a history of their own, songs that trigger hidden emotions, the thrill of first love, the bittersweet taste of breakups, or the euphoria of reconciliations.

Have a look at pictures taken at the previous editions of the festival on our website: